Shipping, Marine and Offshore Signs and Labels

Marine hazard identification, pipe labels, and safety signs raise the level awareness in marine and offshore environments.

The marine and offshore industries are characterised by extreme conditions and risks are increased by harsh weather conditions, chemical exposure, compact construction, and saltwater influences. The overall risks can be managed and reduced with appropriate safety signage to ensure people’s safety.

Certags provide a wide range of industrial heavy-duty safety signs, tags and labels for the shipping, marine and offshore industry.

These include:

  • Ship safety labels 
  • Boat safety labels
  • Marine safety labels
  • Marine safety signs
  • Pipe identification labels
  • Pipe Markers and Signage

Our tags are made from materials that can withstand the harshest of conditions. All tags and labels are:

  • Tear-Resistant
  • Tamper Proof
  • Waterproof
  • UV Stable
  • Chemical and Oil Resistant
  • Heat Resistant

Feel free to get in touch with our team, we provide practical advice on tag choices for your specific requirements.

Product Range

heavy duty clear wraps print your own hose labels

Pipe Marking

Print custom industrial Pipe Marking Labels at your convenience in a variety of colors, widths and materials from  your warehouse or facility.

rubber tags for marine equipment

Rubber Tags

Rubber Tags have a large surface area, making them a popular choice for inspections that require written information. QR code printable.

metal tags for marine equipment

Metal Tags and Labels

Metal tags and labels are available in full color printing and unlimited configurations. Add holes in custom sizes. Engrave your information so it lasts.

waterproof out of service tag

Safety Tags

Safety tags are easy to secure on to your gear and won’t tear. Common types include Do Not Use, Caution and Equipment Checklists.

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