Inspection Tags and Labels

Ensure safety at a glance with our range of inspection tagging solutions.

Certags supplies and manufactures heavy duty tags and labels for equipment safety and inspections for a variety of industries such as lifting and rigging, fall protection and height safety, mining, and construction.

Our tags and labels are made to withstand harsh environments and can be customised according to your business needs: various colours, shapes, and materials are available.

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Popular Inspection Tags

Rigging Tags

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Harness Tags

bat tags, fall protection identification forms, fall protection checklist, fall protection writeable inspection tags, height safety, height safety tags, height safety inspection

Backflow Tags

backflow prevention test tags

Electrical Test & Tag

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Ladder Tags

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Quarterly Labels

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Sling Tags

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Fire Safety Tags and Labels

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Flange and Torque Tags

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Hose Tags

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We can print any inspection tag to suit your needs.

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Tag and Label Features

Our tags and labels are:

  • Made to withstand a minimum of 5 years outdoors
  • UV stable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Fully customisable
  • Come in a range of different shapes and sizes
  • Adhesive and Non Adhesive options available

Quality Branded Solutions

Identify your tags with custom branding and information of your choice, made with the highest quality materials.

  • Durable labels that won’t peel at the edges
  • Variety of custom options such as laminate flaps, perforations and holes
  • Full colour printing
  • Large choice of materials and configurations, guided by our expert staff
  • Free complimentary artwork service with each product so your tags and labels come out just the way you want it.

Why are regular inspections important?

Regularly inspecting your lifting and rigging equipment is the best safeguard against injury, death, property damage and ensures a safe workplace.

It is essential to conduct periodic inspections depending on the use, environment and type of equipment. These should be carried out by competent and trained personnel, as there are a variety of defects that can’t be detected by untrained workers even if they have been working in the field for many years.

Inspections are sometimes overlooked and seen as a secondary requirement or a cost to be avoided.

It is important to understand the overall risks and consequences a business could face and the benefits from carrying out regular equipment inspections outweigh the costs associated with safety.

Certags provide high-quality tags and labels that allow industrial companies to manage and coordinate up-to-date equipment inspections.  Download our guide to learn more about:

  • Safe operating practises
  • Sling removal criteria for industry specific sling equipment
  • Tagging solutions & tips for better inspection and identification
  • Colour coded tagging practises for routine inspections

*The foregoing OSHA regulations are not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all applicable regulations pertaining to the designated topic. State laws may mandate different safety and maintenance standards. Accordingly, please consult applicable state laws as well as original equipment manufacturer specifications for further guidance.

You should always have your lifting, rigging, and height safety equipment evaluated and tagged by a competent individual to guarantee a safe workplace environment.

Equipment tags and inspection tags serve as visual indicators of whether a piece of equipment or tool was inspected during the current inspection period, and its colour is changed every time an inspection is performed. They are an essential tool for ensuring safety and compliance and can help reduce the likelihood of accidents by identifying machines that should be maintained and labelled on a regular basis.

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Regulatory Requirements

Lifting and Rigging inspection standards are regulated by OSHA and ASME to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and guarantee a safe environment. Failure to follow safety procedures and requirements can result in the business being sued and prosecuted by authorities.

Any business operating equipment must undertake regular inspections. Frequency and standard may vary between pieces of equipment.

Slings, for example, are critical to keeping loads on overhead cranes attached, steady and balanced. Regular inspections must be carried out to guarantee their safe use while an inspection tag can help track and record inspection information/dates and outcomes.

Different equipment have specific inspection requirements as well as removal of service criteria, which must be followed strictly when carrying out an inspection.

For example; ASME B30.9 requires that in case of “Missing or illegible sling identification” the web sling has to be removed from service. Each inspection tag must show:

  • Name or trademark of the manufacturer
  • Manufacturer’s code or stock number
  • Rated load for at least one hitch type and the angle upon which it is based
  • Type of synthetic material
  • Number of legs, if more than one

Consequences of not carrying out appropriate routine inspections

Apart from breaching legal requirements, failing to carry out periodic inspections can have severe consequences such as:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Projects delays due to equipment failures
  • Capital loss and reduced equipment ROI
  • Frequent Equipment breakdowns which can result in higher costs
  • Damage to assets