Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Certags?
We provide the best quality products and exceptional customer service every single time! Want to see for yourself? Contact us to receive a free sample pack.

What kind of customization options do you offer?
Certags printing options are unlimited! Our design team work with you to produce a print proof for approval before processing the order. You can choose to add company logos, custom text, barcoding or numbering. Contact us to get started today!

How quickly will I receive my order?
Our orders have a production time of 7 – 10 business days, you then need to allow time for the order to be dispatched and make it to your door. If you need your order faster than the standard turnaround time, please specify that as you make your order, this helps us know we need to put a rush on it.

What is the RGBY system?
Within industries such as construction and mining, different coloured tags are used quarterly to allow for an easy visual maintenance. The RGBY system is broken up into the following colours and months:
RED – January to March
GREEN – April to June
BLUE – July to September
YELLOW – October to December

How do I apply a Test Tag or Label to my equipment?
The application steps are located on the back of most of our products. We also have our very own YouTube channel with demonstration videos to give you a hand! Head to

How durable are your Tags and Labels?
All our products are made to withstand 5 years outdoors.

Tip: Write the required information on your tag or label before applying it to your equipment.

How do I remove a Tag?
If you no longer need a tag or label, it can be easily removed with a Stanley knife or side cutters.

Please dispose of your tags and labels in an environmentally friendly way.

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