Entertainment Hire Tags and Labels

Keep track of all your audio-visual equipment with Certags tagging solutions.

Business conventions, sporting events, or music events require audio-visual technology in order to be successful. The equipment required for this is high-tech and expensive and using a standard labelling system can make tracking quite challenging.

Certags provide a wide range of identification tags and labels for the entertainment hire industry and audio-visual equipment and can help you keep your assets safely tracked.

Our tagging solutions for the entertainment hire industry include:

  • Adhesive and non-adhesive asset tags
  • Road case labels
  • Appliance test tags
  • Pelican case labels
  • Permanent labels for tools
  • Cable labelling solutions for audio-visual systems
  • Cable identification tags

Feel free to get in touch with our team, we provide practical advice on tag choices for your specific requirements.

Tags and Label Styles

cable identification wraps, ultrawraps

Low Profile Wraps

Print your own labels on-site with the ComplyPro. ClearWraps are a convenient and cost effective solution to identification tagging.

metal asset tags with barcode and logo, production rigging tags

Metal Tags and Labels

Metal tags and labels are available in full color printing and unlimited configurations. Add holes in custom sizes. Engrave your information so it lasts.

red adhesive inspection label, production rigging labels

Adhesive Labels

Inspect and identify with industrial grade adhesive labels. Suitable for barcoding, asset identification and contact information.

equipment safety tags, out of service do not use tags

Safety Tags

Safety tags are easy to secure on to your gear and won’t tear. Common types include Do Not Use, Caution and Equipment Checklists.

production rigging rubber inspection tags


Protect your tagged information. UltraWraps are ideal for extending the readability of barcodes and prolonged equipment use.

extreme cold temperature tags, production rigging tags


Durable sling tags with a stainless steel wire that can be pulled through the mechanism to secure. Good for high altitudes and cold climates.

production rigging rubber inspection tags

Rubber Tags

Rubber Tags have a large surface area, making them a popular choice for inspections that require written information. QR code printable.

production rigging equipment red inspection tag

Zip Tags

ZipTags can be pulled tight and fastened to your equipment. Comes in two lengths, a wide range of colors and customizable text options.

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ziptag inspection tag, lifting and rigging tag, next inspection due tag, next inspection due label