Waterproof Labels

Industrial Strength Waterproof Labels, Stickers & Tags

Certags produces the highest quality waterproof labels for any type of environment that is exposed to water, humidity, UV, oil and chemicals.

Our waterproof and weather-resistant labels & stickers are ideal for any wet or harsh environment that requires extra protection and durability.

Our laminated Polypropylene and High-Grade PVC Tags & Labels are Water-Resistant and resistant in all weather conditions, whether hot or cold. This makes them perfect for use in areas that are exposed to or frequently submerged in water.

Some popular applications for our waterproof labels include:

  • Labelling appliances that are used outdoors
  • Labels for pumps and hoses
  • Asset labels for equipment being used in the marine industry
  • Agricultural labels 
  • Identification of equipment being used in an aquatic centre
  • Boats and outdoor equipment

Certags are a specialty manufacturer and supplier of industrial labels worldwide. Get everything from standard to custom configuration labels in a range of sizes, shapes and materials.

SGN Asset Label with Barcoding
SGN Asset Label with Barcoding

We can print any industrial label to suit your needs.

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Market leaders in industrial labelling

Certags is a worldwide leader in supplying industrial identification, certification and inspection tags, labels and stickers for heavy industries.

By experiencing and understanding our clients’ unique challenges, we can find the right tag and label solutions to keep operations running smoothly.

Tags and labels are ideal for industries and applications such as

  • Offshore and marine
  • On boats, vehicles, equipment
  • Construction and manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
  • Outdoor identification 
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Electrical and mechanical

Quality Branded Solutions

Identify your industrial labels with custom branding and information of your choice, made with the highest quality materials.

  • Water, oil, chemical and UV stable
  • Fade resistant
  • Tear and tamper resistant
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold
  • Moisture resistant
  • Custom sizes, colours, and shapes are available on request

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